Jared tried to get the heck out of dodge. Didn’t work.

I tried finding something pertinent to this page for the worldbuilding section, but I couldn’t find anything so you get a blurb on the Ancients instead. If you have any questions about the Ancients or any other aspect of the world of LaSalle’s Legacy, let me know in the comments and I’ll include it in these worldbuilding Thursday tidbits.

ANCIENTS- Those people who ruled the Old World from the years -100 to 1000. They believed that magic users were divinely chosen to rule over all other people and many of their cities were built by slavery and necromantic creatures. Vrikolakas, or what is known today as a ‘zombie’, were extremely common and many of the rich had at least one such creature working alongside their slaves. They prized philosophy, art and magic, and there were several schools of thought on these three principles. Their civilization crumbled during the Great War, in which many magic users were slaughtered and their knowledge lost.

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