Welcome to the break!

Those of you who follow me on tumblr or twitter will recognize this image. I finally finished inking it! I’ve been inspired by Claire Hummel’s historical Disney Princess series and wanted to draw the girls in pretty dresses. Since Maria’s culture is based on Spain, I wanted the outfit to have a Spanish flair and discovered inspiration from pictures of the Valencian festival of Las Fallas. It’s a week long festival celebrating the feast of Saint Joseph. It’s a fascinating festival and I loved the hair that the ladies wear so I modeled Maria’s hair after that. Most other Spanish dress, like all of Europe, was influenced by France so the dress is based a bit off robes a la francoiase and a painting of Elizabeth Farnese.

This is just the inks. I’ll be coloring it soonish.

Maria’s family is Espin. Currently, the Espin nation is in a bit of a crisis as the throne is in dispute. King Phillip banished the previous king, Oscar, in a political coup ten years ago. Because Phillip was born in Gallia, he is not considered a true king by many of the aristocracy and there are those who are building up forces to take the throne back and place the rightful king, Oscar, back on the throne. Maria’s father is one of those hoping to bring the Espin nation back under her rightful ruler.