Our second and last fanart break image is by Monica N Galvan who does the gorgeous Moonslayer comic (which if you didn’t check out during the Spiderforest Comic of the Week, I highly recommend it). Look at how gorgeous her work is! And Maria is in a Las Fallas dress, which is a Spanish festival commemorating St Joseph in Valencia. If you love gorgeous dresses and hair, you need to look at pictures from this festival.

LaSalle’s Legacy will continue it’s break until January 27, so the next few images will be some preview images from the next chapter, which Patreon subscribers have already had access to for a couple of weeks now.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I started playing Uncharted- Drakes’ Fortune, and discovered just how bad I am at shooting games. I really like the story and the characters, but sadly poor Nathon Drake is not served best by me and dies a lot in firefights. I can do the parkour and puzzle aspects of the game just fine, but put a gun in my hands and somehow I’m lost. It’s still fun though.