I smell a fight in the air.

I did a guest spot on No Pink Ponies today! I’ve always loved Eisu’s work and was excited to do a short comic for him. The comic is semi-autobiographical as I spent a few years working in a coffee shop, waking before dawn and getting covered in sticky syrup. During my interview, the manager asked me to quiz a customer about how they liked the place, which scared me because I hate striking up conversations with random strangers. I made it through and got the job, so that’s all that matters.

Continuing on with Hewanism, today’s World Entry is on Alodan, the final of the main three gods.


Son of Marah, he is said to be the commander of Hewan’s army, and will lead all to victory when the final battle with Shy’ald occurs. If one has been a fighter for good, he can also sway Hewan’s decision, though he can be as proud as his Uncle. It is said he protects all warriors if they fight for a just cause, and all knights in the past have been Knights of Alodan. Monks devoted to him keep the temples safe and are the finest warriors. They are only allowed to use sword and shield, for those are Alodan’s weapons. His symbol is the shield, and his color is red, same as the moon which bears his name. It is said he trains his army on his moon.