It’s the start of a new chapter! We all know where Rijik’s heading to, right? 😉

The SpiderForest Collective is now accepting applications for new members! If you have a webcomic and are interested in becoming part of our community, look into applying! We’re only accepting self-hosted members at the moment, but the SF community is a great place to get support and friends.

As a service announcement: I live in the DC area which means it’s Huge Thunderstorm Season which is followed by Hurricane Season. This means my power goes out occasionally and it can interrupt comic updates. I urge you to follow me either on twitter or the facebook page for updates as I can easily post there if I’ve lost power and can’t update the comic. Plus I post cute pictures of my cat. They say the internet is for porn (link not safe for work), but we all know it’s for cat pictures, and I make my contributions.

Last weekend I went to Denver Comic Con, since I was in the area visiting family. I only was able to make it on Sunday, but wow, was it huge! I actually didn’t think it was going to be so huge and nearly didn’t get tickets in time. Aside from hanging out with my friend Nilah, I met Christy Marx (whose work I’ve loved since Jem and the Holograms), Colleen Doran, and Lea Hernandez. Fellow webcomickers and friends that I met were Robin Dempsey, Val Hochberg, and Melissa Erickson (who hasn’t fallen into the webcomicking trap yet, but is thinking about it). I thought about going over to talk to Fiona Staples, but the line to her table was so long that I put it off until I forgot about it. It’s probably for the best since I’d probably just melt into a fangirl puddle of goo talking to her, just like I did with everyone else I met. XD

I also did a bunch of touristy stuff with family, like the zoo, the Botanical Gardens, and the Rennaissance Fair, where I got this pretty thing.


It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation but I was so busy I don’t know that I actually relaxed much. It’s a good thing I’m back here so I can do some proper relaxing by making comics. 😀