They won’t want this book if it’s covered in bat poo right?

I’ve been super busy with class this weekend so all I’ve done is work and catch up on Beware the Batman on TV. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the show, but it’s growing on me. It’s very different from a lot of the previous batman shows; in this one Alfred is more of a partner rather than caretaker/mentor. The villians are all different as well, which makes for a nice change. We all love the Joker, but sometimes, seeing Batman go up against different people is a refreshing change of pace. Of course, if Mark Hamill were doing voices, I might like it more. XD There are times when the psudo-science doesn’t make sense at all, which does take away from it a bit, but it’s been enjoyable.

Lots of announcements to make so here they are:

The Spiderforest collective is currently accepting applications to our community! If you have a webcomic and think it would be a good addition, please apply! We’re only looking for self-hosted comics at the moment.

Robin Childs of LeyLines has started a Kickstarter in order to get book 3 printed. If you’re unaware of LeyLines, it’s a beautiful, heartfelt story where three siblings try to discover the meaning of family. And the gods that get in their way because that’s what gods do. If you aren’t reading the comic, go have a look, and then support the kickstarter if you love it! She also has a ton of fantastic artists lined up to provide bonus content and trickster tales if she hits the stretch goals so go have a look!

Kata Kane of Altar Girl is also running a Kickstarter to print her book. If you love magical girl stories and romance, you’ll enjoy Altar Girl. Go, look, see, support!