Oho, what poem is this? Welcome to Chapter 16! You may not remember, but Demon’s Spear is the name of the largest mountain on the island where Dryfast was established.

Oh, and I entered Snow By Night’s fanart contest again. Votes are much appreciated! 😀 Once a day every day!

I just finished The End of Barbary Terror, America’s 1815 war against the Pirates of North Africa by Frederick C Leiner. The book was a little misleading, since the ‘war’ was two battles and then a lot of diplomacy, but other than that it was pretty fascinating. The book focuses on Stephen Decatur, the man responsible for winning most of the battles, and tries to make him look more like a hero than someone who stole the thunder from another up and coming admiral. It’s also a good look at how slavery influenced a lot of world economies, not just America’s and how the winning of this war may have sowed the seeds for what took place in the Civil War. Plus, ship battles; you can’t go wrong with ship battles. 😀