Today’s fanart break was brought to you by Felix Wright, creator of From the Machine. From the Machine is a steampunk-inspired fantasy comic in which helping people is a habit most of the characters can’t break, even when that habit has dire consequences. Beautifully rendered and told, with more strange folk than you can shake a stick at, it’s well worth your time. Thanks Felix for helping me out! 😀 Splash page for the next chapter is Thursday and we start with Chapter 16 next week.

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As you may have read, two weeks ago my grandfather died, two weeks before he reached his ninety-fourth birthday. While he was often gruff and intimidating, his bark was much worse than his bite and he was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather as well as uncle, cousin, and more. He served in World War Two in Japan, thankfully seeing no action, but still unwilling to talk about the war even in his later years, in spite of earning a medal. He, like much of my family, loved to drink and his favorite was Crown Royal; you were okay by him if you did a shot with him (and his best friend if you did more than one). But my favorite story of him happened during his fiftieth wedding anniversary. He pulled my sister and I aside and gave us some money, asking us to get a nice card for our grandmother to celebrate since he wasn’t good with ‘mushy stuff’. My sister and I did as we were asked and when my grandmother opened her card, tears welled in her eyes as she looked at my grandfather and said, “This is so sweet. You just like making me cry, don’t you?” Grandpa nodded, then gave me and my sister a secret thumbs up for doing such a good job.

We miss you grandpa. But I’m very thankful that I got to know him both as a child and as an adult.