We’re back in Dryfast! It’s been about two and a half months since the end of Chapter 15, since sailing between the two ports takes about a month, and loading time takes a bit longer than that. You’ll see Cook changed his name to Daniel. It’s common for those not from the Old World to Hewanize their names, symbolizing their rejection of their old religion and ways. You’ll see changes in his appearance as well.

My friend Liz Staley of Adrastus had to go to the hospital last month and is now stuck with a very large bill, thanks to having no insurance. If you like her comic and would like to help her out, she has a lot of geek-related stuff in her store as well as printed copies of her comic (which is very good, especially if you love the old Japanese robot shows like Robotech). She also does button commissions.

And if you can spare a vote for me in Snow by Night’s art contest, I would appreciate it too. I’m up against some stiff competition this round so every vote helps! Thank you to everyone who voted for me last round- you helped me get this far! 😀