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This week’s World Entry is the Lorian Crystal.

Lorian Crystals
Properties: A Lorian Crystal takes energy from the wind and uses it to radiate extreme cold. The cold eminating from the crystal is one millimeter per cubic centimeter of crystal, naturally. When fully charged by a strong wind, the cold from the crystal can last approximately two weeks if kept confined in a dark storage container. A Crystal Worker can make the crystal last as long as two months without needing to be recharged as well as lower the temperature of cold eminating from the crystal.

Color: very dark to very pale blue.

Habit: Massive, prismatic, tabular.

Where its found: Found only at the very tops of mountains, Lorian Crystals are rare in the Old World but plentiful in the mountainous ranges of the New World. They jut from the ground at the tops of mountains and are found starting at altitudes of 800 feet. The higher the mountain, the more plentiful the crystal. Lorian crystals can be grown from a solution of salt water and lorian dust. These home made crystals are more fragile than their natural counterparts and dissolve once all its energy has been released. It is possible to recharge the home made crystal, but since it shrinks over time, most only last a few months.