Yvette lives on a ship with lots of young men so of course she’s going to learn how to curse properly and inventively.

This week’s Spiderforest comic of the week is Sunset Grill by the fabulous Kat Feete!

Sunset Grill is the name of a bar located in the shadier parts of the run-down city of Kieslburg in the distant future. The patrons are all struggling to get by, whether it’s finding a job or not getting caught stealing from the local mafia. Here, everyone knows your name, even when you don’t want them to.

Kat has a wonderful sense of humor and her dialogue is a delight to read. It’s not a linear story, but more like a sitcom with reoccurring characters and her pacing and style is very much like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld mixed with Spider Robinson’s Calahan’s Crosstime Saloon.