What’d’ja find? What’d’ja find?

Again, we’ll be taking a week and a half break starting next Thursday. If you’d like me to showcase your fanart during that time, send images to zyrenskistudios at gmail dot com.

I’m going to continue last week’s excerpt on religion with Marah, the second god in Hewanism.


Hewan’s sister, and elder of the younger siblings, Marah represents mercy and childbirth. It is she who can speak to Hewan on mortals behalf to sway his judgement, and she is silver-tongued and gentle. She is called Mother Marah, for she is like a mother to all, and her color is the color blue, same as the moon named for her. Usually represented by a dove, or as a beautiful woman. She gave birth to Alodan, who is Hewan’s protector. Marah’s monks are all nuns, and it is their sacred duty to pray for forgiveness of all mankind’s ills. They can also take personal prayers to Marah, for it is said that her ears hear their prayers first. She is also in charge of the Eternal garden, where all good people go when they die.