Do those necklaces look familiar? They should. Think of both of them with darker skin as well. Half the time I debate whether to use screentone for different colors of skin and this time I saw the two newcomers blended into the background so I didn’t use it, especially since they’re not as dark as William. The only time color would really serve this comic is showing the variations of skin color without needing to resort to screentone.

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was spent working so I don’t have anything exciting to write about. We only have two more pages until the end of the chapter so we’ll be taking the customary break after a chapter. This one will be a week and a half long, so Chapter 17 will begin June 24. I’ll try and post some preview images since I don’t have any fanart to showcase this time, though if people have fanart they want me to showcase, I’ll happily use it! Just send it to zyrenskistudios at gmail dot com or any other place you follow me. 😀