While I was going to do a mini-flashback for the scene where Thomas found Pierre’s logbook, it seemed more expedient to do it this way. Comics are a negotiation of time and space all the time, especially webcomics where you get two pages a week, so I’ve been working on condensing a lot of scenes that are important, but not extremely important to the plot. It’s more of a Western storytelling technique; get to the goal and cut out anything extraneous. I’ve been rereading Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics and he talks a great deal about the contrast between Japanese (and possibly Eastern) storytelling verses Western. According to him, Japanese storytellers enjoy lingering in moments, emphasizing being in the present. Western storytellers are goal-oriented and everything in the story hinges on getting to the next plot point, emphasizing the future. Since I love both storytelling techniques, I’m constantly working on a balance between the two.