Uh oh…. That doesn’t look good.

I was listening to the most recent episode of the Moko Expedition (which you should listen to if you enjoy dissecting and talking about storytelling techniques) and was fascinated by the subject. The subject was main character and when they talked about Final Fantasy X, two of the podcasters were completely convinced that Tidus was not necessary in the game soley on the fact that they completely disliked his character. Thankfully, one of the other podcasters explained why Tidus was not only necessary but why he was a main character, and it got me thinking about how our prejudices and experiences can affect how we view story itself. When we were watching “The Social Network” this weekend, my friend walked out after 10 minutes because the people in the story were very similar to many of the people he worked with and he couldn’t stand being with them any more, even in story form. The movie itself is critically acclaimed, and after the first few minutes of watching complete jerks be jerky, I understood why people love the movie, but it was interesting that my friend couldn’t even stand watching it.

I had the same thing happen to me while watching The Green Hornet. I hated Seth Rogen’s portrayal of Britt Reed so much that I didn’t even finish the rest of the movie. Part of me continues to believe that it could have been a better movie if Britt Reed was portrayed differently.