Today’s fanart comes to you from the super-awesomely-talented Felix Wright of From the Machine. A beautifully illustrated fantasy comic with really cool characters and an intriguing mystery. This also concludes the fanart break- we’ll start Chapter 15 next Tuesday!

We’re still continuing the Comic Creators for Freedom funding drive! I’m proud to be a participant this year and it’s a very worthy cause. If you have some spare cash for charity this year, please donate. Plus, you get a very awesome wallpaper by lots of talented cartoonists.

This week’s SpiderForest comic of the week is Supervillainous by Zappit.

It’s hard being a Supervillain, what with the incompetent minions and superheroes trying to foil your dastardly deeds. It’s even worse for the Crimson Claw who has to balance all this with raising two kids. It isn’t easy, but someone has to do it.

A really funny comic in the vein of Despicable Me does superheroes, Supervillainous is pretty awesome.

Also, if you enjoy LaSalle’s Legacy and want to help me out as well, I do sell books in the store. The books and bookmarks make perfect Christmas gifts. 🙂