Jonathan got his hair cut. Aw, he and Jared are twins now! XD

I had a pretty busy weekend last weekend. I started working on a sewing project that I’d put off for far too long and realized I didn’t get enough fabric so had to get more. I also went to see the Book of Life in the theaters. If you haven’t gone, go! It’s so pretty and I think it’s great we’re finally getting tales that aren’t the same old European staples with the same European imagery. I love me some European fairy tales, but I think we do Cinderella and Snow White way too often and there are so many more out there so it’s nice when a different one comes along. The story’s pretty good too. I also caught up on my Legend of Korra and ZOMG! D: This season is SO GOOD! Avatar the Last Airbender was pretty awesome, but I think Korra’s finally hit her stride and is becoming just as good.

And now, last week’s Spiderforest comic of the week was What it Takes by Kez!

The End of the World came and left humanity scraping for survival. Colbey is a martial artist who is also a survivor, and she’s searching to find out what happened to a man named Peter Wolfe. She isn’t the only survivor and the small pockets of humanity aren’t exactly friendly to outsiders, or each other. Will she continue to survive on her journey? Rated M for mature, this is a pretty grim and gritty look at what post-apocolyptic life would look like and Kez pulls no punches. It’s brilliantly written and the worldbuilding is phenomenal. Go! Take a look! 😀