Uh Mark, did your guards check her for weapons? They’re getting lazy.

Quick announcement: Next week is Christmas and the week after that is New Years. I thought about taking a break during those times, but since my husband has to work, I’ll work too so LaSalle’s Legacy will update per usual. There’s nothing better than enjoying some quality comics over Christmas right? 😀

I finally got around to watching the movie The Duchess this weekend because I love me some historical dramas. The movie took place in Georgian era times so I was drooling over the dresses and wigs. You can’t beat 18th century women for fabulous wig hair. I mean, they put BOATS in their hair! BOATS! The story was kind of similar to Pride and Prejudice style, where we learn that being a woman outside of late 20th century was kind of terrible. Lots of sexual situations too, though I suppose if your job was to have children, sex would be a big part of your life. Anyway, I liked it and if you like historical dramas, you might like it too.

This week’s Spiderforest Comic of the Week is dream*scar by Heather Meade.

Vix is a dhampir who just discovered her powers, unfortunately by nearly killing everyone at school. Way to go Vix. She’s now living in a home full of people like her- werewolves, vampires, sirens, etc, and seems to be fitting in just fine. But there’s something mysterious going on in that house, and someone mysterious locked in the basement, and Vix is going to have to deal with both. Gorgeous artwork, fabulous story, seriously take a look. 😀