Not just Weatherby, but Phillip and Crawley too? This looks bad. Good thing Jared gave Jonathan that knife.

And so ends chapter 18! Chapter 19 will start January 27th. The next two updates will be a fanart showcase, then some sketches for some of the things that will show up in Chapter 19. That’ll give me time to work on my buffer and work on the paid gig. I’ll announce more for that in a couple of weeks or so.

Have any of you made any resolutions? I was at a bit of a loss this year since my usual resolutions are to lose weight and get better at art. I’m not allowed to lose weight now, so that was out, and I’m thinking of doing the Magic Box course from Chris Oatley for my art (I took the Films On Paper class last year and it was incredibly helpful), but that’s kind of it. Well, and finish as much LaSalle’s Legacy as I can before I go on maternity leave. It’s kind of strange knowing that I’m going to be taking a ‘break’ from doing the comic for a bit, and I still don’t think I’m quite prepared for the baby. XD I’m sure that’ll change in a few months.