Double page update! Yay! Since the previous page was a splash page, I figured you guys would want at least some story. 😉

We are back! The good news is that we are back and pages will resume updating regularly. The bad news is the comic will update only twice a month on the first and third Mondays. The reason for this is twofold- One, I have a one-year old daughter who eats up time like nobody’s business. Since I can’t afford daycare, I’m the primary caretaker, so art time happens during naps and sleep and whenever my husband can take her.

Two, I have serious depression and anxiety issues which I am working on. I thought I just had post-partum depression but it turns out I’ve always had depression and anxiety and only thought I was managing it well. While I learn how to manage it, I have to take extra-special care of myself so I can take care of my daughter, and part of that means I need to get a good amount of sleep. And occasionally the depression/anxiety/both hit me so hard that I can’t work, even when I want to. So while I figure out how to manage it better, I have to really focus on my mental and physical well being. It sucks for the comic in the short term, but it’s better in the long run. Thanks for your understanding.

If you’d like to see me update more frequently, contributions to my Patreon will help greatly. I’ll be able to hire a babysitter for my daughter regularly and be able to work more hours. 🙂

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and enjoy the ride! 😀 We’re in the Endgame now so lots of exciting things are headed our way. 😀