Ooo, that’s creepy.

I think all women have had to deal with a creepy guy hitting on them at some point in time in their lives. I’ve certainly had my share. The most memorable was a guy at my local comic shop who kept hitting on me. I was young and raised to be polite so I’d converse with him, even though I really just wanted to shop. Then he tried to take my picture without asking permission. He wanted one of my face so he kept trying to get me to face him. I should have said ‘no’, but like I said, I was young and he intimidated me a bit, so I just kept my back to him, hoping he got the hint that I didn’t want him to take my picture. He never did and thankfully the comic shop owner realized what was going on and told him to stop. I was later told that the employee was not to approach me ever again at the shop, and he stayed far away from me. I also learned from a friend that he hit on her when she went to the store and she never went back. He was eventually fired.