That felt good.

And the blog is mostly a recap of everything I said Tuesday. But since it’s important, I’m repeating it all.

Since I’m still going through the process of putting book 3 together, I thought I’d ask you guys what worldbuilding excerpt you’d like in this book. Would you like some about the University of Magic, or more details about Cook’s tribe, the X’antu? I’ve set up this survey so if you would be so kind as to click on an answer, that would help me out a lot. You can also post on FB, in the comments here, or even email me at captain at lasalleslegacy dot com.

Also, do any of you read on Comixology? If so, would you like to see book 3 on that app? I do have PDFs at Drive Thru comics, but since I love reading comics on my tablet, I’m trying to look for ways to get books to you guys through apps. I’ve been waiting for the Inkd app to be created because that looks like a good place to be, but if I have enough readers who like Comixology, I can see about trying to sell LaSalle’s Legacy there too. Let me know what you guys would like!

And this week will be the last of the blog promos of the new wallpaper. The link will continue to be up on the left hand side. All contributions help keep this site free.


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