This really doesn’t look good. Today’s TWC vote incentive is a sneak peek at the exclusive mini comic that will appear in Book 3.

Many apologies for the website being down yesterday. I was at a funeral yesterday morning, so when I discovered the site was down, it was already afternoon. Not that I could do much anyway; it turns out it was a fault on the webhost end. They finally resolved it last night, and hopefully that won’t happen again.

Other than that, I had a quiet weekend, which is nice for me. I went to a backyard party at a friend’s house, then spent most of my Sunday getting through more of Twilight Princess. It’s my first Zelda game and I’m really enjoying it, despite my frustration with the controls at times. While I do wish that one day we will get to play as Zelda, it’s nice watching Link’s journey too. And I’m going to cosplay Talna when I get older. 😀