Famous last words.

I’ve seen some new commenters in the comments section. Welcome new people! 😀 I don’t always reply to comments right away, but I do read and respond as quickly as I can. Since this week has been awfully stormy, I want to remind people to follow me on any one of my social media sites. Last week there were two tornado warnings in my area and hurricanes and tropical storms have been known to take my power out for as long as a week, which can affect site updates. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr, you’ll get site updates which are handy when I have no power and can’t update the comic. I hope that I keep power this summer, but it’s already been a nasty June and hurricane season is just starting, so I don’t want to take chances. I post more personal stuff on Twitter and Google+, and you’ll also see a lot of fanart on Tumblr as well as some LaSalle’s Legacy art. That might help you figure out how you want to follow me. 😀

I hope everyone had a good father’s day celebration, if you celebrate. We live near my dad, so we took him to Blob’s Park’s Bavarian beer garden where every year around Solstice they celebrate Sonnendwendfeier (or Solstice is how I think it’s translated). You get to eat German food, drink beer, listen to Bavarian music, watch a Bavarian performance, and jump over a fire (see here for some photos from the site). The fire is supposed to help bring good luck to you in the coming year, and me and my husband have always jumped over it when we started going. The Bavarian performers also have interesting dance routines, including one with explosives in it. Dancing and explosives; what could be better?