Happy Labor Day! Not gonna lie, doing all these colored lava scenes are really fun for me. I kept this comic black and white primarily to practice my shading and linework but I am missing doing color so it was nice to include it.

And hoo boy last month was a doozy! I had planned on working lots but my house and daughter had other plans- the house decided it wanted lots of new appliances and my daughter is becoming an expert at sharing her germs. Spending a week and a half with no working refrigerator is a little brutal but we all made it through and are really enjoying having one. 😀 You don’t really appreciate the stuff you have until it’s gone.

Also! I will be at both SPX and Baltimore Comic Con this month! I will be selling with the SpiderForest group at SPX where we will be debuting our awesome new anthology Threads (in which I have a short story) and probably wandering the booths when I’m not working the table getting extra inspired by all the cool and awesome artists. I should be there on Saturday. I will be attending Baltimore Comic-con only, but you will find me standing in line to meet Wendy Pini and fangirl all over her stuff.