We haven’t seen Mr Humphrey in a long time, have we? And Mr Figglesby either. All kinds of cameos this chapter!

This month we’re starting the Spiderforest Comic of the Week! I totally forgot it was happening this month so I’m going to be a week behind everyone. Sorry everyone! This week is Supervillainous!

Being a supervillain is never easy. Being a dad and a supervillain? Which one is harder? Join the Crimson Claw as he tries to take over the world, manage his minions, and raise his kids all at the same time. It’s pretty hilarious, especially if you love superhero comics.

Are any of you guys watching the latest Doctor Who episodes? I’m in the newest season and I’m not sure I’m enjoying it. I think mostly it’s because a lot of the episodes are confusing. I like to think I’m no dummy, but half the time I can’t tell what’s going on and a lot of it is due to the rapid-fire dialogue and quick cuts. It’s also a lot of psychological stuff going on, which I don’t mind, but I like knowing what characters are saying. It’s still okay enough for me to watch, kind of like Once Upon a Time (which my husband is slowly disliking), but I don’t know if I can consider myself a fan of all this. I don’t even know if I’d like it if this was my first Doctor Who, instead of watching them from Doctors 1-7. Ah well. I do like Peter Capaldi’s crotchety old man though. He’s a brilliant actor.