About three years have passed since we ended Chapter 13. There will be a couple more time skips in this flashback, so hopefully no one gets too confused.

On the rooftops you’ll see a small platform built on top of some of the roof ridges. Those are places to recharge solaris crystals, which are the crystals most used for light. Naturally, solaris crystals store energy from the sun and glow for about three hours once the sun sets, providing some light for nighttime activities. While having a crystal worker recharge the crystal every month will elongate the time as well as the brightness of the crystal, most people can’t afford a crystal worker’s fee and leave their crystals outside during the day to recharge them. Since the longer you can charge the crystal, the more light you get, most people have places put on their rooftops to get the most light out of the day. Solaris crystals are extremely common in Dryfast so even the poorest people are able to scrounge a couple.

And I’ve also got a guest strip in Guilded Age today! Featuring my favorite character, Syrn’j. Check it out, and check out the rest of Guilded Age if you aren’t already ’cause it’s awesome. 🙂

Saturday and Sunday I’ll be at SPX. I’m at table B-12-B, sharing with Tamuran. I’ll be selling books and LaSalle’s Legacy merch at this show, so stop by if you’ll be there! Here’s a handy dandy map (click for a larger view):