Oh, is that all? Pfft, I kill souls in my spare time, this’ll be easy!

As you guys can see, we have a new site! It’s still a small work in progress so there might be some minor changes here and there, but overall I think it’s a little better. It took quite a bit of time because I’m not so great at coding (and a special thank you to Christina Major for answering questions and being super-helpful) but it all worked out in the end.

And, if you like my work, please think about purchasing something from the store, or spreading the word! Every little bit helps. And a big thank you to everyone who keeps voting on TWC! I really appreciate it.

The part of my weekend that I wasn’t working on the website, I went to a friend’s kids birthday party at Dave and Buster’s. We got unlimited passes to play games, but only the ones that didn’t require tickets, so my husband and I played a lot of shooters. My arm got tired holding one of those pretend rifles in a Terminator-style game. I would have failed Basic Training. XD

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!