The style of fighting Cook is teaching Henry is based off the Filipino Martial Arts fighting techniques. While it’s more usual for the Filipinos to fight with two sticks, called baston, there is also a large staff called bangkaw. The bangkaw technique is what I based a lot of the fight on. While I want to say I had first heard of the Filipino Martial arts by doing research for this chapter, I actually discovered it by reading the Phule Series by Robert Asprin, particularly Phule’s Company. I used it not only because it had the techniques i wanted, but it’s also my heritage.

This week’s SpiderForest comic of the week is What It Takes, by Kez.

Colbey is one of a few human survivors of the apocolypse- her training and paranoia saved her from some of the worst of the initial destruction and chaos. She’s searching for her fiance’ who she believes may also have survived. In a survival of the fittest world, Colbey must navigate harsh landscapes and even harsher people. But she’s willing to do whatever it takes to survive.

A story similar to the Walking Dead and the Last of Us, Kez is a master at dialogue and realistic action sequences. Rated ‘R’ because she doesn’t pull any punches, it’s a great read for those who love grimdark storytelling.