Since I tend not to announce when I go on vacation for household security reasons, most of you probably weren’t aware that I was gone for a week. I visited my family in Denver Colorado and watched more football in two days than I usually watch in year. It was a good time spent recharging the creative batteries and seeing my adorable little nephews and nearly grown-up niece as well as a good friend of mine who I only see every other year. I also continue to be impressed at just how spacious America is when I go out to the midwest. Here in Maryland, the horizon is obscured by trees and hills, but out in Colorado, you can see for miles. I can certainly see where Neil Gaiman’s suggestion that America is too big for gods came from (and if you haven’t, you should read American Gods. I’m not a big Gaiman fan but phrases from that book have stayed with me over the years).

This week’s SpiderForest comic of the week is Kaspall, by Lucy Lyall.

Kaspall is a nexus of worlds, where visitors come and go from different times and places. Even in this strange place, where the strangest of creatures gather, something sinister is lurking. It’s up to the police to find it, but can they locate it before it gets too many people?

Done in black and white and with lots of great dialogue, Kaspall is a really good mystery story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s rated mature for some strong language and themes but if you regularly watch detective shows on TV, it should be just fine.