Oo, blood. Remember why it’s important? Yeah, maybe this’ll work.

So it looks like Chapter 19 will be wrapping up the last week of April/first week of May. I probably won’t be online by then, considering my due date is April 17, but the pages will go up and there will be a holding page while I go on maternity leave. Basically what’s going to happen is I’ll be taking off until about November-December and will start posting announcements for when I’ll be returning around that time. I might just start up again January 2016, but we’ll see how things work out. The comic will probably be updating only once a week at that time too. I kind of hate to do that given this is a long-form story, but it might have to be done that way until the baby gets a little older. We’re nearing the last stages so at least there’ll be that to look forward to!

As for more kickstarters, I just heard of one for Cassius, which if you love Shakspeare’s Julius Cesar and Roman history, you might be interested in. The art is super gorgeous and the artist and writer are looking to print a first book! I don’t think there’s a webcomic, but you can see some of the development on the Kickstarter page.

And the Adrastus and Snow by Night kickstarters are also still underway! Help support your favorite webcomics!