Crystacoms aren’t just for communicating over long distances; one can use them over short distances too! Provided someone actually uses them.

The non-dark haired guy is Colin, who is now promoted to second-in-command thanks to Bob no longer being welcome on the ship. He gets a few cameos here and there, but he really doesn’t like the spotlight so he’s happy there.

I participated in last month’s Inktober! I did have ambitions to do full-on illustrations with compositions and everything then realized that it was too much for the time that I had so I scaled everything down and did some portraits of Babylon 5 characters (which I’m watching right now and OMG am loving so much!). You can see all my stuff on Instagram or the LaSalle’s Legacy Facebook page. And follow me on Instagram if you like seeing more of my artwork. I do occasionally post LaSalle’s Legacy stuff, but it’s mostly me practicing and fanarting (Critical Role, Dragon Age). I try to remember to repost on the FB group as well but having too many different social media is kinda difficult for me to keep track of, especially since I have to keep track of a toddler during the day.

I hope everyone had a really fun Halloween! This was my daughter’s second Halloween so she enjoyed wandering around holding her pumpkin. My husband and I enjoyed all the candy. XD

And LaSalle’s Legacy is one of this week’s Spiderforest Comic of the Week, so you get one comic today (soul’s Journey which is pretty damn amazing). Next update, the rest of November comics will be featured so please take a look!

Soul’s Journey– Trapped in a wolf’s body an imprudent prince must escape his current condition before a war he carelessly set in motion razes his country