Panel 3 was the most fun to work on. Weatherby, you’re so clueless!

It’s been a very cold and chilly week for us on the East Coast. I hope everyone’s keeping warm! It’s the time of year when I wish I could go down to the Bahamas for research purposes. I need reference materials, right? 😉

Last week I spent most of my working time listening to Serial, the NPR program following a reporter’s investigation of a murder trial in Baltimore 10 years ago. I was mostly listening to it because one of the Youtube channels I follow, PBS Idea Channel, is featuring a talk about it this week and I got curious. I don’t know anything about our justice system outside of TV and Hollywood, and the only time I got called in for jury duty I didn’t have to serve, so I found it really interesting just listening to. What I really liked about it, however, was the fact that she told it as a story rather than just going over facts. I know lots of people love history, and I enjoy reading history too, but I have a hard time keeping numerous historical facts together in my head all at once. I learn better if told a story, or a narrative, and this does a good job with giving you pieces of narrative in chunks. It’s probably not as exciting as CSI, but it does give you a look at how a murder trial is conducted and it’s pretty informative. Check it out if you’re interested in that kind of thing. 🙂