No one’s lying in this conversation, though there might be some exaggerations.

Last week was a non-productive week for me as I started the week with back pain and finished with a cold. Great way to start out the year, huh? Because of this, however, I finished Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, which is the kind of fantasy I love reading. If you enjoy this comic, you’ll certainly enjoy that book. It has everything I love; intrigue, politics, action, adventure, and an extremely different and interesting magic system.

I’m also using goodreads to keep track of books I want to read or have read. If you’re on goodreads too, add me as a friend! I’m Rouge, because I was reading tons of X-men comics at the time I joined. I love books and love discovering new books so I’m always happy to have more reading friends. 😀

This week’s Spiderforest comic of the week is Lapse, by A. M. Alecci.

Bianca Fortune had always been able to see ghosts, but her mother never believed her. Now, after a freak accident, Bianca is inhabiting the world between life and death and talking with the ghosts that she saw as a child. While some of them are friendly, if mildly irritating, there are others that are not. And for some reason, they are drawn to Bianca.

One of our newcomers, Lapse is a delightful ghost story with lots of feels. Alecci is a fantastic artist and storyteller and each page is a delight to look at.