Too much religion makes Henry grumpy.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas if you celebrate! I took the day off and spent it playing board games with my husband and dad. And eating too many cookies but hey, it’s Christmas. New Year’s is the diet time. XD

The first panel was inspired by some Native American art I saw at the Art Museum in Denver. The entire art exhibit was pretty cool as they had a ton of Native American art, both classic and modern, and from lots of different tribes. Our perception of Native Americans seems to focus more on the Lakota tribe, but there were so many different tribes and customs that it’s a shame we don’t know more about them. The museum also had a huge catalogue of South American art and to see all the different but similar artifacts was incredible.

This week’s SpiderForest comic of the week is Dark White by Lillian Aguilar.

The elves are back and war is eminent in the kingdom of Faya. Young prince Rameses has been tasked to prevent it from happening. Little does the prince know that there are darker forces than the elves his people are going to have to contend with, and that they very much desire the war to happen. And they are very, very powerful.

Set in a very different world than ours, Dark White has beautiful artwork, compelling characters, and some fantastic worldbuilding. You should check it out!