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And, to repeat Tuesday’s announcement: I’m taking reservations for book 3!


Each book is 136 pages and is the compilation of chapters 9-12. It also includes “First Impressions”, a 10 page short comic about how Jonathan and Thomas met, as well as some information on the X’antu tribe and development sketches. Each copy reserved will have an inked sketch of the character of your choice; just let me know in the e-mail which character you prefer. Send me an email requesting to reserve a book to zyrenskistudios at gmail dot com, or reach me at any of the social media sites. 😀 The price will be $11 US plus shipping and handling if applicable. If you’ll be meeting me at a convention, let me know that in the e-mail and I’ll make sure to save you a copy for the convention.

I just finished reading the book Foreigner by C.J. Cherryh. It’s an interesting political intrigue novel where no one, not even the human main character, knows what’s going on. The main character, Bren, is a human diplomat on an alien world, where the alien mind is vastly different than human, and becomes embroiled in a political uprising that he’s not even sure is about him or humanity. The dialogue is superb and Bren’s character really shines when he’s trying to figure out the complex weave of politics that he has to deal with. I enjoyed it immensely, especially the first two parts, though at times Bren got a little too long-winded when he was trying to figure out the motives of the people around him.