Moar swashbuckling goodness.

Robin Childs of LeyLines has started a Kickstarter in order to get book 3 printed. If you’re unaware of LeyLines, it’s a beautiful, heartfelt story where three siblings try to discover the meaning of family. And the gods that get in their way because that’s what gods do. If you aren’t reading the comic, go have a look, and then support the kickstarter if you love it! She also has a ton of fantastic artists lined up to provide bonus content and trickster tales if she hits the stretch goals so go have a look!

This week’s worldbuilding entry is the demon Shy’ald, completing our major deities of Hewanism.


Demon lord and youngest brother of Hewan and Marah. He strove to take over the kingdom of Paradise from his brother, and was cast out. He plots his revenge from his place in the Underworld, and seeks to dissuade mortals from good. Evil mortals are cast down into his Underworld, where they are tortured for all eternity. He is called the Destroyer, the Demon Lord, and the Betrayer.