Color me embarrassed. For those of you wondering why you’re seeing the exact same page as last Thursdays, I messed up. I accidentally forgot to put the real page 13 up last week. I’ve corrected it now, but unfortunately this means you get this page for another two days. I’m really sorry about that. So if you hit the “Previous comic” button, you’ll see the actual page 13 which was supposed to make this next page and the page after it more impactful. Sorry about that! I’ll try not to make the same mistake again.

On the plus side, I hope everyone had a good weekend! It was mother’s day, but I don’t live near my mother, so I called her instead. Other than that, I had a pretty quiet weekend watching movies and playing games. The best kind of weekend.

The most sobering, and sad, part of this page is that it was based off an article I read about two eighteen year olds creating something very similar as a prank. They had the ball of sharpened stakes and also nailed sharpened stakes in the ground and had tripwires to trip hikers into them. Thankfully the two were caught and arrested and the traps were disarmed before any real damage was done.