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This week’s Almanac entry is the Black Ridge Mountains!

Black Ridge Mountains

The largest mountain range on the island of South Andrea, taking up the majority of the inland in the middle. They are known for their dark look, and are composed of several minerals including solarium, excisium, phosantom, and rhodantum. The most common is excisium, which is responsible for the dark color of the surface. The highest peak is Demon’s Spear, elevation 3555 ft (1,085 m).
Several mining towns can be found along the edges of the Black Ridge Mountains, excavating the crystals and selling them to towns and Universities for use. The largest town is the city of Farever, located at the far north side of the mountains.
Local wildlife in the mountains include various species of insects, birds, fish, and mammals. The largest among these species are the spotted black tail, the mountain lion, and brown bears, all hunted for sport.