Jared’s being helpful. Really.

This past weekend I spent a day at Balticon meeting Brandon Sanderson in person. I’ve read a few of his books, but I became a fan because he helps produce Writing Excuses, which is extremely helpful to budding writers. He was super nice and i was able to thank him for both Writing Excuses and writing the Mistborn series (which I also enjoy) and gave him a fanart of Vin, which I think he liked.

This week’s world entry is on the religion of Hewanism. I’ll include an excerpt on the basic religion as well as the primary deity.

Hewanism is the name of the religion that proclaims Hewan as their primary god. It is the most popular religion in the Old World and the majority of people believe in it. The religion itself is based on three gods, each having one of the three moons as their representative. There are three major deities in Hewanism: Hewan, Marah, and Alodan. They protect humankind from the temptations of the demon Shy’ald, who resides in the Underworld.

Hewan is the primary god, and the Eldest of the three. He represents justice, and it is to him that souls will travel to be judged worthy to enter Paradise. He is called Lord, Creator, and is seen as just without much mercy. His priests run the Temples, overseeing the Monks and the Sisters, and are usually called Fathers. His symbol is the tri-part circle, for he commands the three moons and the earth. His color is white, like the largest moon, named Hewan’s Tear for the tears he sheds at humanity’s evil.