It’s an “aha” moment for Henry. Bittersweet, though. Gen is short for “Gennadi”, Henry’s former boyfriend (who is now dead).

Happy Labor Day everyone! I am currently on vacation and enjoying myself thoroughly and I hope you guys are also enjoying your long weekend in the US. As for announcements, I was at BMore into Comics a couple of weeks ago and noticed that I am way behind on my print comics. I need to print Book 4 (and Book 5 soonish) but because I was so close to finishing this comic, I’ve been concentrating more on getting pages done. I am planning on running a kickstarter sometime next year to help fund the printing costs for book 4 so I’ll keep you guys informed. Since running a kickstarter could potentially take up a lot of my time, I will hopefully be nearly done with pages by then. We’ll see.