Welcome to Chapter 18! And if anybody’s come from SPX, welcome to the comic! It’s a perfect time to start since we’re starting a brand new chapter, but check the archives if you’d like to see what lead us to this chapter. And thanks everyone for your patience with my chapter breaks. They do help me a great deal.

I had a blast at SPX two weekends ago. I was sharing the table with the authors and artists of Sombulus, Star X’D Destiny, Altar Girl, Precocious, Sunset Grill, and Snow by Night, all of whom are super wonderful people to table with. I also saw a lot of fabulous cartoonists, including Jillian Tamaki who’s work I’ve adored for a long time, and the creators of Namesake and Ode. It was great talking shop with webcartoonists and just being among so many comics got me even more inspired to continue creating my own. I’m hoping to get into an anthology sometime this or next year and I’ll be working hard on a few submission pieces, so keep your fingers crossed for me! I’ll keep you guys in the loop as I progress.

I also had a great vacation at the beach. I love going to the beach, mostly because I like swimming in the ocean rather than tanning. Unfortunately, not only were there no lifeguards because of it being off season, but I caught a pretty nasty cold my first day, so I didn’t get to swim much. I did wade in the water a bit and the weather was the best one could ask for on the beach. We stayed at Dewey Beach in Delaware, but we also visited Rehoboth and Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean City was having a summer festival at the time so we wandered the boardwalk and looked at arts and crafts. I didn’t get the famous boardwalk fries, but they smelled really delicious!

Did any of you guys go anywhere special this summer? Or do anything relaxing?