Oh dear.

There is more to Henry’s story than just these few pages. I actually had an entire flashback sequence planned out that would take about 20 pages, but I wondered if it was too long a time so I condensed it to the two pages you see here. I was planning on adding the flashback as a bonus comic in book four, but I’m not sure I’m going to be publishing another book, so I’m sort of waffling as to what to do with it. In the meantime, the first part of the script will be available for viewing on my Patreon feed at the $5 donation level. You’ll get an idea of what Gennedi was like as well as some hints as to what’s to come in the next chapter.

In other news, if you’ve ever been to Katsucon, Christine and Grig Larson were volunteers that helped make it happen. Christine died in ICU this weekend, leaving her family with a staggering amount of hospital bills to be paid, since she was half the family income. If you want to help, Grig Larson is a fine writer and purchasing his book, Trolley, will help them out (link is to the Kindle, but there is a paper version too). If you’d just like to help directly, here’s the link. I didn’t know either personally, but I’ve met them and this is a heartbreaking tragedy.