We’re continuing our little break for LaSalle’s Legacy. New pages will start next week on January 27th! Yaaay! $5 Patreon supporters will get next week’s pages this week so you’ll be ahead of everyone else. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who supports me! Every little bit does help.

In the meantime, enjoy this little sketch of an interior that will be showing up next chapter. While I SHOULD do this kind of thing more often, given that whenever I do work out interiors or exteriors to a great degree it ends up saving me a lot of drawing time, truth is I don’t do this all that often. It’s good practice though, I have to admit. When designing this interior, I was thinking about what purpose this serves in the story- Who will be in there, what will be happening, and what kind of mood I want to have in the scene, and design accordingly. I usually work out lighting schemes when I’m doing my layouts to enhance the mood but with these interiors I don’t because I’m kind of lazy. XD I have managed to put in where I think lights will go in the scene to help illuminate things so at least I’m learning. One of these days, I will really take to heart how helpful these little schematics really are and will make sure that I carve out more time to do them. They really do help.

Sadly, I’m in the habit of creating when I need them so maybe one day I’ll learn how to plan better.