As a friend of mine would say, Mark’s a dodgey bloke. The view in the first panel was inspired by Evngeny Lushpin, whose cityscapes are just gorgeous to look at.

In some other business news, I’m currently working on a comic proposal for a manga magazine and need to take a couple of weeks off to do it. Like what happened at the beginning of this chapter, I’d love to have some fanart for my little hiatus. If you can contribute, please send it to me at zyrenskistudios at gmail dot com. Please don’t use the captain email as for some reason my computer hates it and I won’t be able to download the files. Oh, and please send stuff to me by August 9 if you’re interested. 🙂

I’ve been watching Attack on Titan recently and really like it despite it’s super depressing motif. The characters are believable and interesting and it has the same psychological look at people like Battle Royale (the book; I haven’t seen any of the film/animation adaptations). The concept itself is fascinating too, though I do warn you it’s pretty horrific and a little graphic at times. I don’t normally watch horror given that I can’t really watch graphic violence, but I’m able to watch AoT without getting nightmares. Plus, it helps that I watch Free! afterwards. XD

It’s almost time for Otakon! This is the first time in 3 years that I’ll be in the Otakon AA. I’m sharing a table with Megami Jadehart at table W06 inbetween Tamuran and Senshistock. Here’s the map:


If you’re going, please stop by!