I’m a bad person. Sorry Jared.

I looked at this page and the next when uploading pages and went “Daaaaammmnn…” so I think I did a pretty good job with them. And by the time I learn to draw guns in perspective I won’t need to draw them anymore. No more guns!

Last month was mostly okay for me. I got hit with a nasty gastrointestinal illness that I’m still recovering from and man was that painful to go through. I’ve been on a bland food diet for a while which is okay, since I love rice, but I really really miss coffee. Seriously, I could give everything else up if I could just have coffee and chocolate. And maybe cheesecake.

I also spent a lot of time playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. I’m still maybe halfway through the main quest line because I keep getting sidetracked by all the interesting side quests. I feel like Picard on the Enterprise; going out, finding new planets to explore and scan, making peace and war with alien civilizations, and dating an alien. It’s pretty incredible and I think I’m finally starting to love the crew of the Tempest about the same as I loved those on the Normandy.