That’s not the way to the kitchen!

This weekend I spent most of it playing board games with friends. 😀 The one everyone seems to like in my group is Pandemic, which is a game where you cooperate instead of compete. I like it because I like having fun and sometimes competitive games can get too competitive. Anyway, when we initially started playing Pandemic, we lost a lot to the game. Lately, we’ve been winning a lot. I don’t know if we’ve gotten extremely lucky or if we’re getting better at playing, but it’s a nice change from losing. XD Other games played were Fresco and Ingenious, all pretty fun games. Not nearly as fun as Takenoko, but cute pandas have a special place in my heart. 😀

This week’s Spiderforest Comic of the week is Sunset Grill by Kat Feete!

Sunset Grill is mostly a collection of stories about the workers living in the city of Kieselburg in 2426. It’s kind of hard to describe because it’s not one linear story, but stories of the people that frequent the Sunset Grill bar. Kat recommends you start here if you’re new as it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of tales she has to tell. If you like your sci-fi a little on the gritty side and stories about people just trying to get through the day without getting caught in a gang war dammit, Sunset Grill is for you.