Hello Daughter. Oh dear, this isn’t going to be good at all.

Tomorrow’s Halloween! Has anyone got their costumes picked out? I don’t go to parties much, but I might dress up in my Korra cosplay outfit to give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I think it’ll fit over my burgeoning stomach. I used to have long hair but I cut it short so I thought I’d have to get a wig to do Korra again, but now I see she’s cut her hair too so I don’t have to. And we have the same haircut so that makes it even easier for me! XD Now if only I could get a deep enough tan…

Speaking of Korra, I’m really loving this latest season. I was getting ambivalent about the series after the disastrous love triangle in season 2, but once they stopped doing that, it’s only been getting better. While part of me is a little sad season 4 will be the last, I’m glad they’ll hopefully end on a high note rather than jumping the shark.

This week’s Spiderforest Comic of the week is Sunset Grill by Kat Feete!

Sunset Grill is mostly a collection of stories about the workers living in the city of Kieselburg in 2426. It’s kind of hard to describe because it’s not one linear story, but stories of the people that frequent the Sunset Grill bar. Kat recommends you start here if you’re new as it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of tales she has to tell. If you like your sci-fi a little on the gritty side and stories about people just trying to get through the day without getting caught in a gang war dammit, Sunset Grill is for you.