A wee bit of background note here: The Espin are currently fighting a civil war, where the Traditionalists are trying to put King Ferdinand the IV back on the throne, after he was chased out of the country ten years ago. Maria’s father and his sons are traditionalists and are not only helping to fund the war, but also participating in it. I know there’s a lot of hints about it, and I don’t write about much in my comic because it’s not really in Jonathan’s story, but it is happening.

With that, welcome any new peeps! *waves* I’m actually the Spiderforest Comic of the Week this week but since I’m a week behind in my promotions, I’m still sponsoring the previous people. If you’re new, we are in the middle of Chapter 18 and a lot has gone on. There’s a button at the top of the page if you want to start from the very beginning, and a chapter list here if you want to browse chapters. I don’t list chapters until I’m done so chapter 18 isn’t up there yet, but if you want to start from the beginning of chapter 18, click here. Since this is a long-form story, I built it so that every chapter is pretty important so if you’re new, just go to the beginning and start there. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the story!

And now, last week’s Spiderforest comic of the week was What it Takes by Kez!

The End of the World came and left humanity scraping for survival. Colbey is a martial artist who is also a survivor, and she’s searching to find out what happened to a man named Peter Wolfe. She isn’t the only survivor and the small pockets of humanity aren’t exactly friendly to outsiders, or each other. Will she continue to survive on her journey? Rated M for mature, this is a pretty grim and gritty look at what post-apocolyptic life would look like and Kez pulls no punches. It’s brilliantly written and the worldbuilding is phenomenal. Go! Take a look! 😀